General Rules and Regulations of the College


 Discipline is of utmost important to us. Therefore to maintain discipline in the college campus all students have to abide by the following general rules and regulations of the college. 

1. No student is allowed to enter into the college campus without college uniform during all working days.

2. Every student have to display their Identity Card by hanging over their shirt and have to produce the same as and when he/she is asked to prove his identity as a student of this college. In case of non-position of Identity Card one has to possess any other document, viz. fee card etc., justifying his identity as a student of this college.

 3. Destruction of Public property is a serious offence. Thus, no student is allowed to destroy, by anyways and means / indirectly or directly, the property of the college.

 4. Green and Clean environment is one of the important mottos of the college. Students are not allowed to destroy or negatively affect, indirectly or directly, the greenery and cleanliness of college campus through any means and ways.

 5. The college has adopted the stand of ‘zero tolerance’ in case of ragging, in any form, in the college campus. If any student(s) found to be involved, directly or indirectly, in such act, then the competent authority, i.e. Anti-Ragging Committee, will take due disciplinary action.

 6. Use of Mobile phone is prohibited in college campus.

 7. Consumption of any kind of Tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, intoxicants etc. is strictly banned in the college premises. Students shall not enter the college premises in intoxicated state and should not possess such materials.

 8. Display of violence, physical or verbal, is a punishable act. Anyone found involved in such act(s) will have to face strict disciplinary action.

 9. Besides these aforesaid general rules and regulations, students have to abide by the specific rules and regulations of different sections/units of the college, viz. academic section, scholarship section, library, NSS etc.

 10. In case of violation of these afore said rules and regulations the college authority will take stringent disciplinary action.

11. Class attendance of minimum 75% is mandatory to be eligible for Final Examination. Students having less than 75% attendance would not be allowed to appear in the final examination as per instruction of the Directorate of Higher Education, Govt. of Tripura & Tripura University.