Internal Complaint Committee


The committee was formed in the year 2013. The main objective of the committee is to provide effective enforcement of the basic human right of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment and abuse, more particularly against sexual harassment at work places, and to develop guidelines to combat sexual harassment and violence against women in and around the college premises.

The major functions of the Committee are as follows

  • Prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women, by promoting gender amity among students and employees;
  • Lay down procedures for the prohibition, resolution, settlement and prosecution of acts of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, by the students and the employees if any in and around the college premises;
  • Deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, in a time bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized and termination of the harassment;
  • Recommend appropriate punitive action against the guilty party.




The burden of preventing sexual harassment rest on the conpetant authoriy.The college ensure that the workplace has a clear zero tolerance policy with formal procedures in place.Build a culture where harassement is unlikely to take place and ensure all employees understands the policy and procedures for dealing with harassement and reporting a complain.

    Incase of any complaint receive from the empolyee the cell shall,upon receipt of the complaint,send one copy of the complaint to the respondent within a period of seven days of such receipt.

     Upon receipt of the copy of  the complaint,the respondent shall file his or her reply to the complaint along with the list of documents,and names and adresses of witnesses within a period of ten days

  The inquiry has to be completed within a period of ninety days from the receipt of the complaint. The inquiry report,with recommendation if any has to be submitted within ten days from the completion of the inquiry to the Executive Authority of the HEI.




Composition of Committee


The Committee consists of members of the faculty, administration, service staff. The members of the committee for the current academic session as resolved in the Teachers’ Council meeting are

Convenor            : Ms. Lalthanguri Sailo

Member              : 1. Mrs. Jacinta Darlong

                            2.Mrs. Sila Nath