Social & Cultural Activities

Social Entertainment and Magazine Committee

The major objective of this committee is to have many diversified extracurricular activities for the students for their overall quality development other than normal study so as to bring out hidden talents in them and to contribute the same for the development of the society.

The important functions of the committees are mentioned as follows

(i)To organize various cultural and social programme involving all the stakeholders of the college

(ii)To encourage students to participate in various cultural programmes besides normal study so as to nurture their hidden talents.

(iii)To bring out periodically college magazine where everyone can express their talents by way of writings.

(iv)To have a well maintained wall magazine for the students and staff of the college


Present Composition

The formation of the committee for the current session as resolved in the last General meeting is as follows

Convenor                                             : Dr. Sanjita Das

Member                                              :  1. Dr. Anupam Mallik

                                                              2. Dr. Satyajit Das

                                                              3. Mr. Prantosh Saha


College Magazine