UGC - NRC (Network Resource Center)

 About the Center

The college set up committee for UGC Network Resource Center in August 2011 following UGC XI plan guidelines.

The first formation of the committee was constituted in the Teachers council meeting as resolved in the meetings held in August 2011 with the following members as follows

  1. Sri B. K. Choudhary – Convenor
  2. Sri Kalidas Brahma – Member
  3. Sri Indrajit Saha – Member
  4. Sri Kumar Misra – Member
  5. Sri Akhil Baidhya - Member


Present formation:

The committee reconstituted in the for General meeting with the following members for the current session

          1.Ms. Mitu Das - Co-ordinator

          2. Dr. Anil Kumar Acharya ,member



The objective of the scheme is to create awareness among and to give exposure to staff and students about the use of computer in various activities like administration, finance, examination and research. In addition to it, the information and communication network would help the colleges to have an access to multimedia material in teaching and learning.

The major functions of this center are as follows

(i) To provide proper wifi facility in the entire campus

(ii)To provide adequate internet usage facility along with computer facility for teaching, non-teaching staffs and students alike

(iii)To provide enough resource for various multimedia materials for teaching and learning.

Nature of Assistance Received

         The college received financial assistance of Rs. 2,25,000/- in October 2010, under UGC XI plan period for establishment of UGC NRC for procuring computer, printer, software etc. as first time assistance. In addition to this the college also received assistance of Rs. 19,000/- for establishing internet connectivity in the campus.


Equipments/ Items Procured

 Following items were procured out of the financial assistance received for establishment of UGC NRC in the college 

  1. Desktop PC – Dell, - 2 Nos.
  2. Inverter 3KVA – 1 no.
  3. Wi-max Internet BSNL – 1 no.
  4. Antivirus – 1 users 1 year – 2 nos.
  5. Computer Table – 3 nos.
  6. Cannon Digital Camera – 1 no.