The National Cadet Corps is an Indian military Cadet Corps with its Headquarters at New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. The NCC in India is a voluntary organisation which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and universities all over India. The cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. With the objective to serve the nation as a whole, NCC, 13Tripura Bn. NCC Battalion, College tilla, Agartala has introduced an NCC wing at Ambedkar College, Fatikroy on 31st July 2018. The wing started its journey with the enrolment of 17 nos. of cadets. This NCC wing and cadets are dedicated and determined to work for the nation since its introduction. The total allotted strength of college unit is 50 and as it has started in 2018 only 2 batch means 17+17=34 nos. of cadets are actively doing their activities. This unit is only for boys’ wing. The NCC unit of the college serves at college and putting impact upon society in an organized way. They are also serving as an organized work force in all college activities.




The authorized strength of the NCC boys, cadets in the college is 50. Motivational and inspirational drives are frequently arranged in the beginning of the session. It is seen that students are interested to enroll in NCC. In the beginning of the session, planning has framed for next one year. It helps to cadets to execute the planning. For last 2 years total 34 numbers of Cadets enrolled in the unit. Gradually it is growing up.




The cadets are attending camps such as Annual training etc. as attending camps is mandatory for appearing in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations. NCC classes are regularly held with the help of CTO and PI staff from the unit in conducting these classes.